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Sep 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
involving jerry sandusky, businessmen and elected officials. i belonged to after school programs and that's where i met ed savitz. many time ed savitz came to the after-school program and he is grooming us and buying us gifts and giving us drugs and alcohol. he was touchy touchy. we started talking. he asked me if i was interested in taking nude pictures of my penis. that a lot of his friends, they wanted to see me naked. we used to call this needle park, junky park. several times they came here and we would meet up with other pedophiles, ed savitz being one of them, this is where he first started talking about engaging in oral sex and taking x-rated pictures of myself. one of my friends was going to sell his bicycle. he wants $40. i want that bicycle bad. i go to ed to see if i can borrow $40. he says no, you can work it off. he takes me shopping and we walk back to his car. he asked me to pull my pants down and let's make the $40. i pull my pants down. next thing i know, his head was down there. this is the first time that ed savitz did something to me. i feel cheap. i felt a shame
Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm EDT
and some say the most important debate of the 2012 presidential election. nbc's steve handelsman joins us live from the arena with the story. steve? >> reporter: thanks, good evening. i can tell you this, the guy who's going to run this debate for all of us to learn from, you won't hear that guy call this a rumble in the rockies, mark jim lehrer will order those in the audience not to boo or his or clap. we, americans, can concentrate on what these candidates have to say. more than 60 million americans could watch tonight's debate. >> i've made up my mind, but i'd still like to see both of the candidates sweat a little bit. >> reporter: president obama looked relaxed this week. mitt romney, too. but he knows he has to change perceptions tonight. more voters now see romney negatively than see him positively. and that loses elections. >>. >> reporter: in virginia, romney's down by just two. with a lot on the line in past debates, romney has done well. >> going against romney is not a fun thing. he has the facts. he drills you, stays, tenacious. >> reporter: and sometimes aggressive
Oct 2, 2012 4:00pm EDT
be appealed, but analysts say it is unlikely to be overturned before the election. >>> she says a dollar makes her holler. coming up next, just how much money is honey boo boo making from being a reality star? here's a hint. her family is getting a big pay raise. >>> i'll bet. plus the problem with the iphone 5 that is leaving a lot of customers fearing bigger cell phone bills. >>> this is a story you have to see to believe. parents renting alligators to swim around during their children's pool parties. >>> 99.5 is standing by. he'll have more on that. and tell us what b >>> taylor swift may see it now but she doesn't want to say it now or hear it now. the country pop star is interviewed in glamour magazine's november issue. when the subject of her former beau singer john mayer came up, she refused to listen to what he told rolling stone about her in july. mayer said the song "dear john" humiliated him and he said it was in his words, a really lousy thing for her to do. as for swift's part, she said he was presumptuous to think the song was about him and she never discloses who he
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3